Missionaries Ministry is a branch of TWCO, with a dream to see our nation worshipping the only living God, in Spirit and Truth.

Missionaries Ministry focuses on raising an army of young missionaries for spreading the Word of Jesus Christ.

Missionaries Ministry has a single motive “To Win Souls”.

Our passion is to populate the Kingdom of God & plunder hell.

We believe in living and giving the Word of God as it is written without compromise with faith.

All projects as below are carried out by Missionaries Ministry.

1.] Girls and Women Ministry

2.]Children Ministry

3.]Outreach Ministry Work

4.]Supporting Missionaries

5.]Visits to Hospitals

6.]Jail Ministry

7.]Visits to Orphanages

8.] 24×7 Free Prayer Support

9.]Organizing Crusades and Conventions

10.]Free Bible Distribution

Walk with this ministry as the Lord leads you!

Stay blessed!


"We are debtors to every man to give him the gospel in the same measure in which We have received it."

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With an estimated 1.03 billion citizens, of whom 260 million live in poverty.India is home to the majority of poor people in Southern Asia. India has the largest number of working children in the world, with nearly a third of children below 16 working. In the coming decade, an additional 8 million young people will enter Indias labour force every year in search of employment. I, Evans have seen a dream of beggar-free, peace filled India which is possible according to me, just need our help in making this dream come true. I hope you all will join us to make an impact to share Christ like love to the down-trodden destitutes of society.
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Our Website
Our website has been created with the following purposes in mind: (1) to glorify God and honor His Son; (2) to educate the body of Christ regarding indigenous missions; (3) to make known the works that God is accomplishing through this society; and (4) to provide the opportunity for our readers to participate in the Great Commission.
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