From the desk of President of TWC Organization:

When a child is born, the child doesn’t realize whether s/he is rich or poor and will s/he get everything s/he needs. A child arrives to this world naked and empty handed, will leave one day just as s/he came.

As the child grows up, s/he makes out that s/he is poor or rich. For rich there are no tensions, worries but worries and tensions will always follow the poor. How do they each day, better they know it. From my childhood I’ve loved the needy people, without a single doubt. I always used to think how I can make a difference in their life will I ever be able to able to make a single person happy.

But today I realize, All glory & honor to God, that’s Yes I can. God has blessed me with friends

I have seen a dream to see no beggars, no sad person in this whole world. But going to world, I have to clean my own home that India. In this home, there are many rooms, one room is Nagpur. I am greatly inspired by the love shown by Jesus, for Him beggars, people who were in pain & sufferings, leapers; He cared for them & loved them.

Today if you say, its my love I would deny it, it’s the love of Jesus in me, which makes me to love the people who need love, moral support, care, attention, food & cloths and above all our prayers.

I remember a real story in my life, when I used to go to college, there was a begger in a particular square used to sit & everyday I used to give him 5 rupees, I had that much only that time. He used to wait for me & as he sees me, his face used to lit up from happiness.

On Sunday I used to pray that some one else will help him. One dau I didn’t had anything to give him so I passed him without stopping my vehicle. I saw in my vehicles mirror, his face was sad. After that time I never him sitting at that place & waiting for me to come. I saw him few times but different places. That time I took a vow that one day I’ll do something to make the situation of these types of people better in every way I can.

Today if I travel anywhere, when I see slums my heart cries, when I see kids without cloths in winter, I cry & ask God Help me so I can do something for them. Now I have entered into this battle field & there is no turning back, as it’s written in bible 1 who takes his sword out n keeps it inside without using it is a cursed person. The step I took if I won’t complete it I can be called as a cursed person. I know it won’t be easy but its not impossible also because “IMPOSSIBLE” itself says “I M POSSIBLE”.

I have not chosen this field because I can’t do anything else but instead of thinking someone else will do it why can’t I do it. Everyone lives for themselves why can’t I live for others. Secondly I’m doing this to make money because I never run behind money because in Bible its written in Psalms 24:5 Surely goodness & mercy will follow me …… Means I don’t have to run behind them but they will come behind me I have to do only 1 thing that’s to be sincere and humble in front of my God & He’ll make my crooked path straight.

I would like to encourage you to support us not only in prayers but also financially so we can plan for doing something huge which can not only impact in Nagpur but also in India which will affect nations too.

Being President of “TWC Organization” I can assure you 1 thing, here no one is for money, fame or to work their needs met but all have a zeal in their heart to see our a better & acceptable place for the weaker section of society.

May God bless you all!
Shalom! Yours truly,
Evans Francis

"We are debtors to every man to give him the gospel in the same measure in which We have received it."

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With an estimated 1.03 billion citizens, of whom 260 million live in poverty.India is home to the majority of poor people in Southern Asia. India has the largest number of working children in the world, with nearly a third of children below 16 working. In the coming decade, an additional 8 million young people will enter Indias labour force every year in search of employment. I, Evans have seen a dream of beggar-free, peace filled India which is possible according to me, just need our help in making this dream come true. I hope you all will join us to make an impact to share Christ like love to the down-trodden destitutes of society.
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